Deciphering MOE Staffing Entitlements.

Every year your board of trustees receives entitlement staffing to help you employ teachers. Alex Dieudonne, MOE Schools Finance Adviser, will speak about Staffing Entitlements at CES in Christchurch this August.

About entitlement staffing

Entitlement staffing gives your board of trustees a stable base from which to make long-term decisions about providing for your students’ needs.

Entitlement staffing also drives the calculation of salary units, and middle management and senior management allowances.

Banking staffing gives you the flexibility to manage your annual staffing entitlement and usage.

On Tuesday 4th August Alex Dieudonne from the MOE will speak at CES in Christchurch on Deciphering MOE Staffing Entitlements and Operations Grants. 

We are sure you will find this of value and if you wish to attend please contact Wayne Jamieson:

 021 399 744 or

Have a look at our video on some insights on Banking Staffing with Wayne Facer below.