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Banked Staffing - Top 10 Tips

Banking staffing allows the school to decide when they’ll use their staffing entitlement.

Within the banking staffing year, your board of trustees may choose to:

  • anticipate up to 10% of your staffing entitlement — use it in advance (go into overdraft)
  • save up your staffing entitlement to use later in the year — underuse or ‘bank’ it
  • operate your staffing usage on a full-year basis — no saving and no overdraft in each pay period.

Top 10 banked staffing tips from Wayne Facer:

1) Don't switch a teacher to BG if they are leaving on maternity leave as you will get hit with the $8K maternity grant out of BG.

2) Every 3 x pupils are worth 0.1 staffing over your entitlement roll.

3) Apply for roll growth staffing if you are above your staffed roll, it does not come automatically.

4) The July 1 roll return only dictates next year's staffing, it does not increase this year's staffing.

5) You get more ops grant at the end of the year by filling in the extraordinary roll growth form if your roll has increased after July 1 and above what you are provisionally staffed at.

6) Remember to use all of your units. 10% of schools do not.

7) Remember to apply for beginning teacher time if you have beginning teachers at your school. 20% of schools nationwide do not.

8) You now can apply for funding for a sick teacher after 4 days and you can claim subsequent days for follow-up appointments without having to wait another 4 days.

9) A first-time principal is entitled to 10 additional release days over the first 2 years if you apply.

10) ORRS pupils are worth 0.3 (high needs) or 0.6 (very high needs) on the principals grading roll and can take you to the next U level sometimes.

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