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Transform your educational organisation's approval workflows with ApprovalMax. Automate approvals and save time for your staff so they can focus on what really matters: your students.

Improve transparency and accountability in approvals

Streamline your education institution’s approval processes with ApprovalMax. Eliminate the guesswork and reduce the risk of costly mistakes or delays by automating your workflows so you can focus on what matters most – teaching your students.

Delegate authority with flexible approval rules that you set up

Don't let clunky, rigid approval processes slow down your organisation. Automate your accounts payable processes with custom workflows aligned to your delegation of authority policy. Ensure the right staff member always receives the right bill or invoice right away.

Streamline supplier selection for your school or university

ApprovalMax eliminates the guesswork for your staff when it comes to suppliers. Once your school or university has vetted your pre-approved suppliers, bills and invoices from trusted and known suppliers are sent directly to relevant staff members for approval.

Simplify budget and spend management

Easily manage your budget and expenses from a centralised location with ApprovalMax. Get a full view of the bills and invoices that need approval with multi-step, multi-hierarchy workflows. Plus, with built-in budget checking built into approval workflows, you can prevent overspending.

Simplify and save time with automatic audit trails

ApprovalMax's audit trails simplify audits, save time, and prevent errors. With clear accountability for all approvals, you can trust that your educational institution's finances are compliant and ready for review.

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