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School Benchmarking Tool LIVE

How does your school compare? We are excited to announce we have a new online tool that can be used to measure your school's financial performance against other schools. The first of its kind in New Zealand!

CES has been providing benchmarking information to our clients for the past 5 years. This shows how those schools spend funds in 6 key areas compared with other schools in the same decile.

We have developed this now to include an online, free benchmarking tool on our website which you can now utilise.

It provides a simple comparative report for your school in 6 spending areas. 

The calculator allows schools around New Zealand to select their decile and school roll, and the calculator will provide a report on how other schools around New Zealand are performing as a comparison. 

 Try it here for FREE!

 If you would like any further information about our benchmarking program then contact Yasmin on 03 3384444.

 See our video below for some insights on school benchmarking.