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CES Benchmarking Project - How does your school spend its funds by comparison with other schools?

CES has undertaken a benchmarking exercise for all our client schools on how schools have spent their funds over the last SIX years.

 The 2020 benchmarking information will be released to all our clients in the next few weeks.

Benchmarking provides interesting and valuable information on how schools are spending their money and allows schools to compare themselves with one another. This is a unique service and is only available to CES customers. This year we have reviewed our benchmarking document and refined it, making a more practical and readable document

From our years of experience helping schools with their financial management, we have a comprehensive statistical picture of all our schools spending - allowing us real insight into each schools financial performance.

Our benchmark calculator, which is available on our website, allows schools around New Zealand to select their decile and school roll benchmarks and provides a report on how other schools around New Zealand are performing in that demographic.

If you think your school could benefit from using this information, please contact:

 Yasmin or 

 Stephen at CES on 03 338 4444.