Resilience During Uncertainty

Lauren is an award-winning well-being specialist who believes that everyone deserves to thrive. She is our keynote speaker at our Administration for Schools Conferences this year.

Ongoing change undermines everyone’s resilience. This session will give you practical tools to boost your resilience despite what’s going on around you. You’ll discover:

  • Keys to mental resilience and avoiding negative thinking traps

  • The biggest mindset mistake people make and how to fix it

  • How to speed up the process from “oh no!” to “now what?”

  • How to stand stronger and go the distance 

Lauren is a TEDx speaker, author of Real Food Less Fuss, host of the Thrive TV show, and founder of the Snack on Exercise movement. With 20 years of experience, she is a sought-after speaker and consultant who helps schools and organisations create a high-energy, peak-performance team culture. Described as inspiring and life-changing, Lauren is a dynamic and highly-engaging presenter and master storyteller who will have you laughing, moving, and learning in a memorable way. You will come away feeling uplifted and empowered! 

CES School Administrator's Conference message from Keynote Speaker Lauren Parsons Lauren Parsons

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