CES Conferences Coming Up

We have had obvious difficulties proceeding with our conference programmes over the last 2 years. We hope in 2022 we may, at last, see some daylight and be able to proceed with our full conference programme throughout New Zealand.

Dates to put in your diary

 Hamilton School Property Managers Conference 

Tuesday 16th August

 South Island School Property Managers Conference 

Tuesday 23rd August

 South Island School Administration Conference 

Wednesday 24th August 

 Lower North Island School Administration Conference 

Wednesday 17th August 

 ASC School Administrators Conference Auckland 

Thursday 22nd September 

 Auckland School Property Managers Conference 

Thursday 29th September

Lauren Parsons is an award-winning well-being specialist who believes that everyone deserves to thrive. She is our keynote speaker at our Administration for Schools Conferences this year.

With our ASC Auckland School administrators conference, we have refined our workshops to include significant offerings in Finance, SMS culture, and personal skills development. 

We have revamped the sessions for our School Property Managers conferences to include more keynote offerings. These will include sessions on getting the best from your cleaning company, traffic around schools, and waste minimization among many other exciting topics for both Auckland and Christchurch. 

Our offerings at all events include many of the workshops you have asked for and I know they will be educational, informative, and represent great value for money. We look forward to seeing you all again. 

For all inquiries contact Wayne at CES:

 03 338 4444