CPPA Exec Pānui, 29 May, 2023

Portal and Notices.

The Hail team is super-excited to unveil our new School Portal.
    by Team Hail

The Hail portal combines notices, alerts, event calendars and articles in one place.    

The School Portal has been developed in direct response to your feedback. 

We heard you wanted a centralised platform where parents, students, and the wider community can easily stay informed about school notices, events and news. We heard that parents often got overwhelmed with app alerts, didn't use or want to access Facebook, text messaging is expensive and some caregivers didn't have access to notices. This is why we have created the School Portal  a single platform that everyone can access.  

The Portal is packed full of features.   Including:  

Intelligent notices

We have designed the notices to be informative and quickly let readers know the facts without having to scroll through lots of text. The notices are intelligent: when you create a notice you can choose to repeat the notice for a few days of the week, or say every Monday morning for a week, and so on. Once the schedule is complete the notice will disappear automatically.  


You can add specific quick links in the Portal. Linking to important articles or websites relevant to your school's students and caregivers.   


We have had alerts in our website service but now you can create an alert that will also be applied to The Portal.   When needed it takes a matter of seconds to raise an alert whether this is a lock-down situation or an urgent message.  

Google Calendar

The Portal fully integrates with Google Calendar, so every time you update the calendar, The Portal is updated. 

Language Translation

We know you love our translation feature and the difference this makes, so we have added this to the portal as well. 

Plus, Youtube video integration; Instagram feed; and accessibility features to increase the font size and convert to dark mode to make it easier to read.  

And in true Hail style, there is no challenging tech, all you do is click 'Portal' when you are creating notices or an article and the School Portal is updated. Easy as.   

PS:  remember if you make a mistake in a notice, all you need to do is update the notice in Hail and everywhere changes. 

Check it out:

Image by: Team Hail
This is the main landing page with an alert showing at the top of the screen.  Notices are also shown below the links.
Image by: Team Hail
Intelligent Notices in action.

The Portal is super easy to navigate and looks great on a mobile or desktop computer. 

To get early access to The Portal, simply reach out to the Hail Team, and we'll be more than happy to assist you with setup and provide training as needed. 

Over the next few weeks, all customers will receive this update.