CPPA Exec Pānui, 29 May, 2023

Meet Felicity Rae: OfficeMax Learning Consultant

    by Shane Buckner
Felicity Rae: Office Max Learning Consultant — Image by: Office Max

Meet our learning consultant Felicity Rea. Felicity is an experienced primary school teacher. She is passionate and innovative about deepening learning across the curriculum. Felicity offers free, hands-on workshops using our exciting product range to ignite integrated learning across the curriculum.

These workshops can be run with students, teachers, support staff or even with your Board of Trustees.

At OfficeMax, we know schools need a wide range of resources and tools to successfully implement all elements of the curriculum. Therefore, we are committed to helping guide the purchasing process to ensure your budgets have maximum impact.

For further information or to book a session with Felicity, please contact your Account Manager.