CPPA Exec Pānui, 29 May, 2023

Professional Growth Cycles and your Professional learning group

Are you in one and is your group on track?
    by Sandy Hastings

How are you placed in making progress towards, firstly belonging to a Professional learning group and then having a clear understanding of what the requirements are in relation to completing a professional growth cycle with your supporting colleagues?

If you need help to:

  • Find some friends
  • Understand the difference between PGC and appraisal
  • Know the requirements as determined by the teachers council for you and your group as principals

I can help.

It is a national focus of Leadership advisors across the country to ensure all principals are connected and supported in this work so please get in touch if you help to meet up or help to unpack the requirements.

Pene Abbie

Leadership Advisor, seconded to the Ministry of Education