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Year 7 & 8 Technology
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Year 7 & 8 Technology

Office Admin —

What a lovely way to end the term with gardening and cooking over an open campfire.

As the revolting scent of silage wafted around us, our hands ferociously dug into the muddy soil as we planted a small life into the dead, blank row of nothing.  Our fingers were protected by gardening gloves as the spinach gracefully plopped into the hole. We were all given set tasks to do. As I looked around I saw some students planting,weeding, ploughing, fertilising and the most important task of all…. COOKING!!! After an hour and a half worth of hard work. It was all paid off with some delicious, organic baked beans topped off with organic chips and coconut yoghurt! I would like to thank the whole grain cafe for the opportunity they gave us. 

Amy Macpherson & Roseta Le'au