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GRIP Leadership
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GRIP Leadership - People First

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Mr Arnst took the Year 8 students to the GRIP Leadership seminar on Wednesday. Enjoy reading the feedback from Roseta, Madeleine and Amy.

The light blasted into my eyes the second I walked into the room.  The room was filled with colours, each shade of colour representing different schools. Noise vibrated through my ears as the video started, this was it I thought to myself, I was settled in for the next 5 hours.

CORE Leadership Values: C for confidence with humility, O for others focused, R for reliability and last but not least E standing for empathy. These were the 4 character traits of a leader, something I was excited for. We shared our thoughts with other schools and even had fun games filled with much laughter, every single game focused on leadership. Bonding with the other students from different backgrounds and cultures was very efficient for our learning and everyone had a fantastic time. Doing something for others especially at school is something that leaders and people can contribute to the school. By looking and studying the different causes of the world I have learnt what a difference we could make by supporting a cause that connects to us. I have also learnt new fun ways to help students interact with other students or newcomers. Pulling myself away from the GRIP leadership I came back with a core, confident me and learnings that I can share with others AND treasure with me as I grow. Roseta Le'au

Something I am going to takeaway from this is that if I am going to do something I need to be reliable for my peers, show empathy and enjoyment so people enjoy things a lot more. Edward Hopkins 

At the conference I learnt so many things like how to develop your own character so be yourself. Use your own strengths to help your team and contribute to tasks even if they might not be exciting. This is the main thing that I took away from the conference. Madeleine Hehir

To be honest, I wasn't excited for the Grip Leadership Conference. How can someone telling you about how to be a leader for 5 hours be fun?  Well I was wrong about that! I learnt so much in the Grip Leadership Conference. I learnt about the four character traits which are empathy, confidence and humility, others focus and reliability. Thank you to Mrs Hogan, Mr Te Hiwi and Mr Arnst for making this possible. Amy Macpherson