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Star Performers Week 9
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Star Performers Week 9

Office Admin —

Congratulations to the following students

Stella Davies-Smith, Yr 1
For a positive attitude to learning and GREAT progress in her reading and writing.

Elijah Driscole, Yr 3
For your outstanding enthusiasm towards your learning, and everything you do at school.

Kirtesh Patel, Yr 5

For an amazing attitude to everything you do.  You display a lot of initiative and are so willing to support others.  Thank you.

Ivy Hadley-Jones, Yr 7

For being such a focused writer.  Her William Pike recount is awesomely descriptive and engaging.

Saskia Terry, Yr 7
For being an amazing supportive and caring young lady.  She shows real leadership potential in the way she cares for students who need help.

Madeleine Hehir, Yr 8

For always showing honesty, caring for others, displaying integrity in everything that you do.  Your commitment to your learning is outstanding!