MakerBox - An Innovation Box for Children

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I'm Ben McIntyre from MakerBox - A Young Enterprise Business, run by a team of entrepreneurs from James Hargest College in Invercargill. MakerBox is a new initiative, focused towards developing new opportunities for children to become creative and innovative.

We’re helping children to engage within a new form of technology, all about making, rather than consuming!  We create DIY MakerBoxes that contain the instructions and materials required to create specific electronic projects. These boxes are designed to encourage creative thinking and experimenting.  In todays world, many young children aren’t offered new opportunites to create and build projects using their hands. As learning resources move to digital formats, traditional skills do not receive as much attention as they use to. Our MakerBoxes are designed to bring the best of two worlds. Kids are able to build and create a new project using real-life DIY skills, and can then innovate their project using digital resources.