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What is assertiveness?

Being assertive means being positive and confident.  It begins by being aware that you are a worthy person with your own special gifts.  When you are assertive you think for yourself and ask for what you need.  You have the self-confidence to tell the truth about what is just.

Why Practise it?

Without assertiveness, we would be passive, allowing others to bully us or lead us into trouble.  We would have a hard time saying no.  We would be afraid to tell if someone is hurting us.  Without assertiveness, we might be too aggressive, bullying, fighting or trying to control others.  When we are assertive, others respect us and we respect others.  We stand up for what is right.

How do you practise it?

When you are assertive, you are your own leader.  You stand up and speak out.  You don't accept unfair or hurtful treatment.  You set boundaries about what you will and will not do, and get help when you need it.  You share your true feelings - tactfully.  You express your one-of-a-kind ideas, opinions and talents.  You make a difference in the world in your own special way.