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Library Certificates
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Library Certificates

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Stage 1 and Stage 2 Librarians

Stage 1 Library Certificates : these students were new librarians this term and now have the skills to issue and return books as well as shelve in the fiction section of the library. 

Sophia Clapperton
Skyla Gillbanks
Millie McLean
Bethany Driver
Blake Massicks
Roseta Le'au
Ivy Hadley-Jones
Ruby Martin
Paige Stephenson

Stage 2 Library Certificate : In addition to the basics of stage 1, librarians who have reached stage 2 can shelve in the non-fiction area, make reserves for other students, and be on the desk independently. 

Angela Wang

We wish to acknowledge the generosity of Meg Chilton, Imogen Hadley-Jones, Thomas Malone (Year 8 last year), and Ms Sinclair and her family who have all donated library books to the library collection this year.

Our new library team for next term will be announced at our first Friday assembly in Term 2.