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Photo by Courteney Yardley

Welcome Miss Pulman!

Maggie Wilson & Paige Lemon —

Welcome new teachers!

We interviewed Miss Pulman to learn more about her.

What's your favourite thing to do with your new class?

“Taking them to camp, it was nice to see them get out of their comfort zone.”

Are you enjoying being in Room 2?

“Yes I am because they are helpful and patient”

Are you happy that you have come to Casebrook?

"Yes I am because there are nice children and nice weather."

Why are you a teacher? What inspired you?

"At high school I wanted to be a young kindergarten teacher but I didn't like the idea of nappies, so I decided to become a middle school teacher"

Do you enjoy teaching Year 8's or would you prefer Year 7's?

"Yes I enjoy teaching Year 8's. I don't have a preference but I have enjoyed teaching Year 8's."

Would you move classrooms if you could?

"No I've already unpacked my stuff and I enjoy the kids"

Welcome Miss Pulman to Casebrook!

Thank you for choosing this school instead of any other school.