Hero photograph
Photo by Kelsey Knipshild

Room 2 Visit to Spectrum Art Exhibit

Kelsey Knipshild —

On the 5th of May, Room 2 went to the Spectrum Art Exhibit in Christchurch City Centre. We started with the street art exhibit in the YMCA.

Students completed a scavenger hunt throughout their day and learned about the various artists in Christchurch. Many of the students loved the piece which lit up black light painting set to music from Sofles and Quicksilver.

They also experienced French artist Tilt created "From Rags to Riches," which has half of the room covered in Panic Room style, and the other with 22 works by Banksy.

Students were able to compare images in "Larger Than Light," which included 4.5 metre spray cans emitting light from their nozzles to illuminate 8 massive artworks by Spectrum's artists.

Students then took a tour around Christchurch City Centre and experienced the street art in their changing city.

We finished the day with lunch at the Botanical Gardens. The entire day was made possible from a generous grant from Kids2Town. It was a great day for Room 2!