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Casebrook Unican —

Did you know the canteen makes salads everyday and students can choose their ingredients. They can come to the canteen at morning tea time and fill out an orange card and their salad is ready by lunchtime. Quick, easy, very nutritious and only $4.50 each.

Here are the term four daily specials:

  • Mondays - Bacon & egg or Vegetarian Quiche $2.50
  • Tuesdays - Oven baked potato wedges $2.50
  • Wednesday - Sushi from Sushi Ya
  • Thursday - 2 x Beef Lasagne wraps $4.00
  • Friday - Mince & cheese pie $3.50

These are ordered at morning teatime for lunchtime.

Any questions please email Rebecca unican@casebrook.school.nz