Hero photograph
Photo by Courteney Yardley

Year 8 Camps

John Waretini, Blake Burney and Mayem Vincent-Hoskins —

In Week Three the first Year 8 camp was a go.

The camp was located in Wainui valley; the groups were dropped off at the foot of a hill and trekked all the way to the camp. They then would get ready for their first activity. They would stay for 4 days and 3 nights, with one day more exciting than the last until the last day when they came back.

We interviewed Cole Piercy and Eleanor Smith from Room 2

1. How was your experience at camp this year?

Eleanor Smith: It was very fun and you got to learn a lot about your classmates.

Cole Piercy: Very fun, lots of activities and we stayed up all night.

2. What did you think of the giant swing?

Eleanor Smith: The giant swing was amazing.

Cole Piercy: Very cool going down but going backwards felt like doing a backflip.

3. What did you think of coasteering?

Eleanor Smith: Coasteering was very fun, I thought a fish touched my foot.

Cole Piercy: Barnacles were annoying, very fun and jumped off all rocks.

4. What did you think of kayaking?

Eleanor Smith: It was very fun and it was funny watching Mason fall off.

Cole Piercy: Kayaking pro, splashing everyone possible at any time.

5. What was your favourite activity/ thing at camp?

Eleanor Smith: When we went swimming to the pontoon

Cole Piercy: Fishing loads of satisfying fish, smelly bait.

6. What was your least favourite thing at camp?

Eleanor Smith: Being in the tents because it smelled terrible and the zip broke.

Cole Piercy: Most likely the giant swing, not being a giant swing.

So in conclusion many people enjoyed their stay at camp. Camp was really great, Cole and Eleanor really loved camp. Thanks Eleanor and Cole for letting us interview you.