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Photo by Christine Gillard

Year 8 Netball A Team Report

Bev Bell —

2016 is the first year a lot of the Netball A team have played together. For some it is their first year playing netball and we are working hard to learn how each other play. 

The team train twice a week doing different passing, shooting and defensive drills as well as some simple warm ups like four corners and with the great encouragement and support we get from Mrs Bell and our coach Tui Cameron we are trying to apply our learnings to our games. This year we have played three games where we won one and lost two very close games, unfortunately our team went down to Cobam A last week 26 - 18.

We would like to acknowledge and thank both Mrs Bell and Coach Tui for the support, time and knowledge they have both shared with us so far. We would also like to congratulate and wish the best of luck to the four girls in our team who have been nominated for the Canterbury Intermediate Schools Netball trials.

Chela McCausland (Vice-captain)

This Tuesday the netball A team played Heaton A and lost 19-14. The team played exceptionally well, there were just a few things that need to be worked on like fitness for example. Our defence was outstanding and got a lot of intercepts, and our attackers were passing the ball strongly down the court! Our shooters had a strong game with a percentage of 85%

Netball A team had a stunning game and should be feel proud.

Tyra Scobie-Snowden (Vice-captain)