Hero photograph
Photo by Catherina Hengst

Lost property update

Catherina Hengst —

Lost property is kept in the space between the Foods and the Digi room, your child can check there at anytime that suits their teacher.

Clearly named items are sent back to the students, unclearly named items are deciphered as best I can, anything unnamed is kept until the end of term and then donated.

Some of the non-uniform items may have come back from camp, surfing trips or the trek.

  • 2 school jackets
  • 2 grey boys shirts, one named Bowkett
  • 3 school jerseys
  • blue bucket hat
  • blue shorts (non uniform)
  • Friends t-shirt
  • black long sleeved thermal
  • black singlet top
  • green camo t-shirt (Legacy)
  • dark green t-shirt (with white paint spots)
  • plain white t-shirt, short sleeves
  • assorted single socks
  • reddish coloured pack cover
  • black and white Nike sneakers
  • single girls black shoe
  • pair black school shoes
  • black cap (Adorn)
  • 3 drink bottles
  • three towels, blue and two shades of green
  • pink watch (kept in office)
  • Rugby medal - most improved 2017 (kept in office)
  • black fitbit (kept in office)