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Photo by Bev Bell

Year 8 B Team Netball Report

Bev Bell —

Last Tuesday the Year 8 B netball team competed against Heaton.

Unfortunately we lost our game 21 ­- 5 but the good thing that it showed us was the things we need to work on and improve.  Personally I think our weakest point is marking our players.  We definitely need to work on tightly marking our players and sticking to them like glue.  Jumping for the ball is not something we do well.  During a netball game we should be constantly jumping to intercept the ball. Obviously it's not all about winning but there is always room for improvement.  We work well as a team and just need to work hard on these skills.

This week we played Breen's and unfortunately we didn't win but I can proudly say that we had improved a lot since last week's game.  Our practice paid off.  The score was 15 ­- 12 and we were so close to winning but in the end we ran out of time and couldn't get any more shots in. During our game I could tell that everyone was jumping a lot more because there were plenty of times where the opposition threw the ball and we managed to jump and intercept.  But as a team we were all getting pulled up for obstruction way too much which is something we will work on in our next practice.  All in all we are definitely getting closer to winning a game in the future.

Larissa Wilson.

Team captain.