Hero photograph
Photo by Shona Kelleher

VR hits the Digi Space!

Shona Kelleher —

Students were busy over the week under the sea dodging whale tails, drawing 3D shapes and then jumping in them, not to mention putting out fires all over a city .

Big thanks go to Greg Urquart from CCL, who kindly loaned the VR gear and gave our students the opportunity to experience Virtual Reality at school. Students were fascinated with their experiences and there were lots of laughs and conversations around their how they were feeling in the different situations.

There are growing conversations around how the classroom environment could interact and intersect with the virtual environment. The possibility of virtual field trips to amazing places can bring the outside world into the classroom in an engaging and fun way.

If you would like more information and research covering this new area in education feel free to follow this link. Common Sense Education.