Hero photograph
Photo by Mackenzie Goble

Aim For Gold!

Jenna King & Mila Martin-Susteric —

Welcome back to Term 4! It's a new term which means new Casebrook Challenges. How exciting!

We asked Madyson some questions and this is what she answered.

Surprisingly, Madyson has never been to Casebrook Challenge Club before, but she always has her Casebrook Challenges complete. Madyson might do the super challenge but we do not know what it is so when she finds out she will decide. She said she might be interested in doing a Maths Badge if she doesn’t like the super challenge.

Like all of us at Casebrook, Madyson is planning on getting a gold badge this term. Madyson won't be getting the above and beyond award because she has already gotten it in another term. Good job Madyson!

Hopefully all of us will be able to work on our Casebrook Challenge and get that gold badge this term. Have fun working on your challenges!