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Triple P - promoting positive parenting in our communities

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Triple P runs regular communications campaigns on their websites and through social media.

Over the next three weeks, they are running a campaign to help parents and caregivers manage parenting within the context of household stress. As well as positive parenting information about this issue, they also promote the availability of various Triple P programmes.

Children do best in a calm, predictable environment. But it can be harder to react calmly and consistently when parents are under a lot of stress. This may be work stress, pressure on the household budget, or relationship problems. Sometimes, parents put extra stress on themselves by trying to be ‘the perfect parent’.

Even if we can’t control every source of stress, there are ways to help manage how we react. Like all skills, this takes time to develop and it helps if we get the right support.

One key principle is to keep our attention on what’s within our control. Being able to take even a small positive action can help us reframe the situation. Parents can show children how to take a problem-solving approach to difficulties. Learning to be more aware of our own thoughts and emotions also helps us avoid overreactions.

The latest blog has top tips for changing how we look at parenting stress, including ways to reduce friction in relationships. Read more about this topic on Triple P’s website.

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program support can give you more simple, practical steps to make family life a bit easier.