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Photo by Christine Gillard

Hip Hop - Champions Again!

Brad Meads —

The Casebrook Hip Hop crew have been working really hard in preparation for the Intermediate School Hip Hop competition this week. The crew is made up of eight dancers - Hannah, Mariyah, Nadia, Tiana, Avalon, Skye, Esther and Meg. Our instructor is the wonderful Jess from Zion Studios. She has put a lot of time into our dance, tutoring us on Tuesdays after school this term. We have all learned so much and were so proud of what we displayed.  There was some tough competition this year and when we were announced as the winners we were absolutely stoked! Our hard work had paid off and we had done what we aspired to do. Our perseverance was totally worth it and led to the excellent performance we put on display. Well done to all of the girls! 

Written by

Meg Lancaster