Hero photograph
Photo by Christine Gillard

Work created in the Specialist Teaching areas made many colourful and interactive displays for our STEAM PLUS evening.

Sharon Keen —

Last week the Specialist teachers displayed work created in their areas. Students were at hand to provided many interactive experiences or to explain the background and purpose of specific works. It was a wonderful way to show our future students what is possible to achieve in our specialist learning spaces. Thank you to all students and staff for their contribution.

Last Friday our Athletics Team competed in the Canterbury AIMS games.  Casebrook had a very successful day that was made extra memorable by both Armani Lemalu and Mya Phillips breaking long standing Discus throwing records.  Well done to all competitors and thank you to Miss Emily Mordue for her organisation.

Earlier this week all students took part in a Top Town Competition.  This was a very successful day with much fun being had by all.  Thank you to Miss Jacinta Clark for your organisation.

Yesterday our Triathlon team braved the elements to compete against other Year 7 and 8 students.  Well done to all who took part, not an easy sport.

Next week we farewell Mrs Sarah Austin.  Sarah has worked at Casebrook as a classroom teacher and more recently as our Art Teacher.  Thank you Sarah for your contribution over the years and we wish you and your family all the best with your shift.

Later in the newsletter you will find the details of our end of year assemblies.  Please note the new format and the change of time.  We look forward to you joining us.

Thank you to those who have paid for the Hanmer trip.  This outing is a celebration of all that has been achieved during the year and is great day out.

If you have any questions or concerns, particularly around next year please do not hesitate to contact us.