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Photo by Courteney Yardley

The Enthusiasm for Hats is Guaranteed

Isla Langsford & Hayley Waghorn —

Our REP Focus in Week 5 and 6 is being sun smart!

The hat competition is on! Last week, Room 9 was the winner of the hat competition. Alternatives to wearing a hat are sunscreen, or sitting in shaded places like under a tree.

The past few weeks REP focus was being Sun Smart and learning the importance of wearing a hat and sun screen to keep the suns rays off your skin. Keeping the suns rays off your skin is important as they can be deadly in the long term. Sunscreen can help with this, make sure you have a good, protective sunscreen and look for SPF50+. Shady places around the school are places like the climbing tree, outdoor stage, outside class kitchens or the back of the field.

Even if you don’t have a hat, you can buy caps from the office for $10.00! How cheap or you can get brand new bucket hats!

Each classroom has sunscreen for you to put on so you can’t get burnt!