Hero photograph
Photo by Mackenzie Goble

Super Summer Hagley

Cole Piercy & Max Newble —

We all know the Hagley Summer Sports because it is a big thing at Casebrook, but how much do you actually know?

Today we asked some students around Casebrook who participated in this cool extracurricular activity which ranges from ultimate frisbee to futsal. Here is what they said about it.

First we interviewed Jacob, who said his favourite sport was rugby because he likes cheering his team on and chose to go to Hagley because he thought it would be cool to try something new out.

Then we interviewed Rihari, who said that his favourite sport was rugby too, his favourite part of Hagley sport was getting out there and having a go at everything.

Lastly, we interviewed Miller, who said that his favourite sport was Ripper Rugby and he joined the team to have some fun on the field.

We have now concluded that Hagley sport really is an amazing extracurricular activity and you should give it a go!