Hero photograph
Photo by Christine Gillard

Casebrook Chess Team 

Mr Pitt —

Our Chess Team ventured out to Medbury for the day to compete in the Intermediate grade competition this month!

The leading members of the school chess team are to be congratulated on their sterling efforts at this terms Intermediate Chess competition.  Amy, Maxine, Val and Dylan REPresented the school admirably by bringing their focused and winning attitudes to the table. The competition was tough indeed and the team, whilst being put the ropes, showed true grit and determination in pushing their opponents to the very brink of the time allowed. Our draws outnumbered the wins and losses bringing us to a commendable ninth place overall. Congratulations to the four members, some for whom it was their first ever competition. They did us all proud and now have this experience on which to build their attacks, and defences! for future games.  Mr Pitt