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Science and Maths Badges for Term 4!

Phoebe Aitchison & Sophia Bayliss —

Science and Math badges are perfect when you don’t feel like completing 16 Casebrook Challenges.

A science badge is worth all 16 challenges and a maths badge is worth eight challenges.

There are many different topics to choose from and you will have lots of fun completing your badge!

We interviewed Eelia about the science badge and Eleanor about the maths badge, we asked them the following questions.

Science badge

1. How long have you been completing science badges and have you gotten any achievements with science badges?

Since the start of the year, I have gotten three certificates and three badges.

2. Do you have to have skill or ability to complete a science badge?

Depends on the badge you are doing and if you have done one before.

3. How many tasks do you have to do to complete the badge?

You have to get 20 stars and it depends on how many stars each task is worth. (1, 2 or 3)

4. What sorts of topics does science badge include and what sorts of tasks?

Science badge includes topics that are related to scientists jobs and experiment related. Some are like animals and some are chemical reaction related.

5. How would you compare the science badge to Casebrook challenges?

Harder because it counts for all challenges. It is more fun and more interesting.

Maths badge

1. Do you feel that the maths badge is more challenging than normal Casebrook challenges?

Depending on what topic, it is similar to Casebrook challenges.

2. What different categories are there to choose from?

Cooking related, time related, cost of living, 2D design, and many others.

3. Do you think more people should try to complete a maths badge?

More people should do maths badges because they are fun and easier than expected.

4. What benefits do maths badges have?

They count as 8 Casebrook challenges and you get a badge.

5. What type of tasks do you have to do?

Some are crafty, researching, design, and maths.

So no matter your ability you should give a maths or science badge a try!