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Photo by Courteney Yardley

Digital Citizenship Learning

Charlie Au, Izaryn Bills —

Our REP Focus for Week 1 - 4 was Digital Citizenship.

For the past 3-4 weeks all of Casebrook has been learning how to be safer online. This is very important because most people have phones or their personal devices. So it’s very important to make sure to be safe.

Casebrook students have also learnt how to be good digital citizens. A digital citizen is someone who has the technical and social skills to enable them to be successful in the digital world. They should also know to think before they say or text something, they should also know everything online is permanent.

Casebrook has also learnt how to deal with scenarios where they get cyber-bullied. We also had Rory from Attitude come in to tell the good side as well as the bad sides of the internet.