Hero photograph
Photo by Courteney Yardley

Waltham Pools

Tom Gainsford and James Hammond —

Last Wednesday the Year 7's went to Waltham Pools.

The Year 7 team went to Waltham Pools as part of their activity days. The activity days are designed to help the Year 7's fit in to Casebrook life and bond as a class.

We interviewed some students to find out more about their trip to the pools.

What part of the day did you enjoy the most? 

My favourite of the day was the hydroslide, it was fun. And hanging out with my friends.

How long does it take to get there and back?

45 mins each way. On the way back one of the buses broke down on the way back to school.

What was the weather like?

The weather was very nice and it was an outdoor pool.

What was your favourite thing at the pools?

The hydroslide because it was fun, you went really fast and got a lot of adrenaline.