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Photo by Bev Bell

Casebrook PTA Christmas Raffle

Bev Bell —

Read here for everything you need to know about the up-and-coming PTA Christmas raffle.

On Friday 25th November, students will take home their raffle tickets. They need to sell 10 raffle tickets for $2 each.

All money and raffles are due back to the office by Wednesday the 7th of December.

On Thursday 1st December, Casebrook students will have a non-uniform day. All students need to bring a luxury grocery item that can go into the winning baskets. Please make sure that food items have not expired.

Our goal is to raise enough money to buy appliances for the new foods room.

The non-uniform day will have a Christmas theme to it. So please come dressed appropriately.

A photo will be taken during the day and uploaded in an up-and-coming newsletter.

By Henry Ward, Charlie Pryor and Ryder Cherry