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Photo by Genevieve Feron

Virtual Reality With Blake NZ

Genevieve Feron —

Can't travel up to the far north? Why not have it brought to you through the genius of VR! Zachariah and Kase caught up with some of the lucky Casebrook students who dabbled in this experience.

Blake NZ came in throughout the week and got to show us some cool experiences about the differences in water quality. Here are what some students from Room 4 (Anya and Hunter) and Room 8 (Shivesh and Brooklyn) had to say.

Q. How did you feel when you put the headset on?

A. It was like you were there. It made me feel dizzy and like I was in another world.

Q. What did you find interesting in the water?

A. The amount of different fish in the water. The differences in pollution levels between the different waters.

Q. What type of fish did you see?

A. Sharks, Snapper, Catfish, Stingray.

Q. What was the scariest part?

A. The stingray coming and smacking into the camera. How the really polluted waters had no fish or seaweed in them as they were unable to survive.

Q. What did you learn from this experience?

A. Not to litter in the ocean so that we can keep it protected.