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Photo by Mackenzie Goble

How We Can Be a Better Environmentally Friendly School

Zoe Pocklington & Eelia Hudson —

On the 17th of October we interviewed Madi and Mikaylah from Room 15.

We interviewed them on how we can be an environmentally friendly school. We asked them a few questions like ‘How are you environmentally friendly? Here are a few of the questions and answers.

Do you know what environmentally friendly means?

Madi: Yes, it means that you are picking up your rubbish and recycling correctly.

Mikaylah: Yes, it's meaning is putting your rubbish in the correct bins and picking up your rubbish if you drop it.

What have you been doing to be environmentally friendly?

Madi: On the weekend when she is walking her dog she will pick up rubbish if she sees it along the way.

Mikaylah: She picks up rubbish on her way home from school if she sees any.

Do you think we can be more of an environmentally friendly school?

Madi: Yes by having less rubbish in the canteen and in our lunch boxes.

Mikaylah: By not letting your rubbish fly away from your lunchbox and not having much rubbish in your lunchbox.

Casebrook does a great job overall to do our part to help the environment, for example, Paper4Trees. Make sure you are doing your part as a Casebrook student by being as environmentally friendly as you possibly can. Every bit counts!