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Values, ICAS results, Orange Day Banner, Kaitianga projects, Band Performance and Camp

Value Awards:

Value awards were presented at our last assembly to a child from each syndicate who has been seen demonstrating our values.  Anabelle from the Senior Syndicate has been seen showing Empathy and Whanaungatanga when a classmate got dirt in their eyes and Anabelle looked after them and offered some medical tips.  Middle Syndicate student Deon showed Growth Mindset when he was accidentally hurt playing a sports game but showed bravery and growth mindset.  Francis from the Junior Syndicate showed Empathy and Mahi Tahi when he wasn't feeling 100% but knew that being at School would help out his family.

ICAS Results:

The last of our ICAS results are in.  Ka pai to all our participants.  Congratulations to Sylvie Bo, Zoe M, Olivia H who received High Distinction in Writing and Arianna who received High Distinction in Maths.  This means they finished in the top 1% in the country!


High Distinction:

Sylvie Bo and Zoe M- Year 5

Olivia H - Year 6


Zoe A, Laura and Olivia M - Year 5

Neel - Year 6


Arianna - Year 4

Gus, Ashleigh, Abigail - Year 6


Sienna BP, Anabelle G, Sylvie S - Year 5



Nikita, Leo - Year 3

Anabelle, Zoe M - Year 5

Neel, Taran - Year 6


Shreya - Year 3

Oscar - Year 4

Greer - Year 5

Abigail - Year 6


Arianna and Connor - Year 4


High Distinction:

Arianna - Year 4


Jamie - Year 3


James BO, Ryan, Evie, Leo - Year 3

Jude, Amelie, Harry D, Connor - Year 4

Greer, Zoe M - Year 5

Neel, Abigail, Seb - Year 6


Oscar - Year 3

Dahna - Year 4

Ashleigh - Year 5

Kapa Haka - St Brigid's Kapa Haka Festival

Wow, wasn't it fantastic to see the St Brigid's Kapa Haka Festival back.  Ngā mihi nui to Alwyn, Carmen, Linda and Jenny N for all their mahi with this event.  Our Kapa Haka tamariki were amazing and we enjoyed watching them. 

Year 6 Patrollers:

This year the patrol banner for the competition was designed by Maya and Amelia.  Our Year 6 patrollers stand out in all weathers to help our tamariki get across the road safely.  Thank you to our following Year 6 patrollers:  Phoebe, Emma, Nina, Neel, Micaela, Zara, Rosie, Deelisa, Corey, Michael, Amelia, Zach, Lilliana, Ashleigh, Maya, Isabelle, Sebastian, Ruby, George and Connor.  We would also like to say thank you to all our patrol parent helpers.

Passion Projects:

Tamariki in Rooms 10, 11 and 12 have been working on their passion projects and at the end of last term they presented what they were interested in.  Subjects ranged from lego to artificial limbs to different types of poisons - it's not a good idea to try any poisons.

Kaitiaki Project:

We would like to say a huge thank you to Twiglands, Churton Park for their generous donation of plants for one of Room 18's gardening projects.  

Band Performances:

Our two main bands Pandemic and Pencils and Erasers performed to our tamariki at the end of Term 2.  Ka pai to all our band performers on a great performance.  Thank you to Sean O'Connor for all the mahi he puts into our main bands and development bands.  


At the end of last term our senior syndicate were able to go to camp to Forest Lakes and what fun they had kayaking, confidence course, mud slide and flying fox and more.