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Bromley Clothes Drive
Photo by Denise Doherty

Bromley School Clothes Drive

Ms Brigit McCormack —

Service is the focus for Y7&8 students in Mitre this term. A group of Y8 boys have decided that they would like to develop a service project that was created by some students in 2015.

The project has evolved each year since 2015, and has established a strong link with a school in our community. Once again, the boys are keen to run a Clothes Drive for the students and families at Bromley School.  

The boys are requesting that students bring in any clothes or shoes that are no longer needed. The clothes must be in good condition.
This is a good opportunity to declutter and to give a helping hand to children in need in our community.

Please bring in donations to the office or take them directly to Ms McCormack’s classroom in the Girls’ School. The boys will take the donations to Bromley School on Wednesday June 6. 

The boys will also have the opportunity to read with some younger students and play some games at morning tea.

Your help and support is very much appreciated.