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Itinerant Music Programme
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Music Itinerant Programme Information Morning this Thursday!

Mrs Sarah Lowe —

Do you want your child to enrol/re-enrol for itinerant lessons in 2018? Come and hear about our Music Itinerant Programme on Thursday (30 November).

We run a wonderful Music Itinerant Programme here at Cathedral Grammar, and it is constantly developing to meet the needs of our pupils. This year, we have introduced a harp programme, and next year we are investigating group singing sessions for Junior School pupils, and theory lessons for our Prep School pupils. 

On Thursday, Mrs Sarah Lowe will host an Itinerant Morning -  the who, what, when, where & how of our Music Lesson Programme. She would be delighted if you would like to join your child with us in the hall.

All the Junior School pupils will attend from 10.00am - 10.40am. Year 4-7 pupils who are interested in beginning an instrument, and are not already studying a full quota of music lessons, will visit the presentation from 11.00am – 11.50am.

This presentation will introduce the music staff, then give the children, and you, a chance to try out different instruments and talk personally with the teachers. If you are thinking about your child starting an instrument, it would be hugely advantageous for you to attend with them, whatever their age.

Mrs Lowe will also offer some general guidance about the Itinerant Programme, including the number of lessons able to be taken per week, how the timetable works and the ages at which children can take up particular instruments.

If you are at this event and wish to sign your children up for itinerant lessons next year, there will be a sign-up desk to guide you through the new Google Docs form.  ALL pupils currently learning an instrument need to re-enrol for lessons in 2018. This is a very quick process online, but needs to be completed by a parent. The link will be available at this session.

Below you will see the list of Itinerant teachers we currently employ, and who will be in attendance on Thursday, or have a pupil representative:

Jill Stevenson – violin & viola
Alison Hansen – cello
Susan McKeich – recorder, oboe and junior group singing
Jonothan Prior – clarinet & saxophone
Elvira Domisse – flute
Helen Webby – harp
Selena Orwin – piano, theory & bassoon
Janey Seed – piano
Hilary Buckland – piano
Peter Hind – voice
Greg Donaldson – drums
Peter Fleming – guitar, ukulele & bass
David Smith – guitar
Rowan Manson – bagpipes
Antonio Dimitrov – trumpet, trombone, french horn
(unable to attend - Alfie Buttle and Michael Taylor, pupil representatives)
Lucie Durkin – speech & drama 

If you have any questions regarding this event or the Itinerant Music lessons, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Lowe.  lowes@cathedralgrammar.school.nz