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Sports Results Friday 3rd August

Miss Ella Croll-Dowgray —

A beautiful day for Friday afternoon sport (finally!)


7/8 Maroon

Result: Win


Opposition: Middleton Y7

Player of the day: Lucy Vance, Victoria de Costobadie

Game Summary: Slow start with the team scoring just 3 goals in the first half and making hard work to get around the opposition.  A more focused approach in the second half resulted in some accurate passing to the right, with players waiting in the middle to find the back of the net.  Well played, everyone.

7/8 White

Result: Loss

Score: 14-0

Opposition: Sumner A

Player of the day: Felix Wingfield and Caitlyn Danko

Game Summary: A slow start meant we were down 10-0 at half time. A much better second half saw us come together as a team.  We were running in defense, marking our players well and making some excellent saves.  Next step is to link some more passes between our defense and forward line to score some goals!! 

5/6 Maroon

Result: Loss

Score: 11-2

Opposition: Fendalton

Player of the day: Jessica Allnutt

Game Summary: This is the second time we have faced this very strong Fendalton team.  We played much better this week, marking our players and fighting for the ball.  Each quarter saw us improve and we managed to score 2 against them.

5/6 White

Result: Loss

Score: 2-7

Opposition: Emmanuel Saints

Player of the Day: Marco Howe

Game Summary: We worked hard but unfortunately didn't manage to put away enough goals to secure the win.  Better luck next week!


7/8 Maroon

Result: Win

Score: 2-0

Oppostion: Beckenham

Player of the day: George Kain

Game Summary: Beckenham’s bus broke down on the way to the park, so a late start for us.  Although Grammar were superior in skill and had most of the possession, goals didn’t come easily in the long grass.  A penalty for hand ball in the box gave Grammar a 1-0 lead going into half time. There were some great through balls supplied by the Grammar midfielders and defenders, but a single goal in the second half was all that troubled the scorers. Good communication and a good team spirit made for a lovely winter afternoon in the sun - well done lads!

7/8 White

Result: Loss

Score: 6-0

Opposition: Riccarton

Player of the day: Caitlin Dufty

5/6 Maroon

Result: Loss

Score: 7-3

Opposition: Aidanfield

Player of the day: Albie Anderson

Game Summary: Aidanfield had a strong attack and CGS were on defence most of the game. The defence worked hard to frustrate the attack and keep the halftime score to 3-1. The second half saw Aidanfield score from the kick-off and then CGS came back with two good goals - the second scored when Finn Mayers kicked the ball from halfway and it dropped in over the goalkeeper’s head.  At 4-3, the game was in the balance. Albie Anderson was tireless and Daniel Seaward was skillful and hard-working in attack. In the end Aidanfield’s well organised attack proved too much for CGS and a goal right on full time cemented a hard-fought victory for them. Goals for CGS were scored by Daniel Seaward (1), Albie Anderson (1) and Finn Mayers (1).


7/8 Maroon

Result: Win

Score: 28 - 3

Player of the day: Sophie O’Connor.

Game Summary: Grammar were dominant in all aspects of the game. They had a healthy lead at half-time but kept the pressure on and worked hard right until the very end.  Defence was tight and Sana and Una combined well with some wonderful intercepts to keep the attack out of the game. An enjoyable game played with a great team spirit. Well done, girls.

7/8 White



Result: Loss

Score: 23-6

Player of the day: Polly Lee

Game Summary: Great game from both teams playing. The opposition had brillant defence, that just topped our game plays on the day. The girls played well as a team, and had fun!


Result: Loss

Score: 37-1

Player of the day: Alice Howard and Millie Vink

Game Summary: The girls put in one hundred percent effort and remained positive throughout. The opposition was significantly taller than us so we were on the back foot from the start. Overall, a good opportunity for us to develop our attacking and defence skills. We had some sound combinations to move the ball down the court, but on the day the opposition was one step ahead. Great sportsmanship shown from our girls. 

Table Tennis


CGS Green: BYE

CGS Yellow: Win by default

CGS White: Win 4-0

CGS Black: Loss 0-5

CGS Blue: Loss 0-4


CGS Red: Win 3-2

CGS White: Loss 0-5

CGS Black: Win 4-0

CGS Blue: Win 5-1