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DoubleTime Conference 2017
Photo by CGS

DoubleTime 2017

Ms Nicola Church —

A fantastic three days were had by our Year 6 to 8 pupils at our DoubleTime Conference.

Last week Y6-8 pupils participated in our 3rd DoubleTime Conference. This year the focus was on Technology and Wellbeing. We had 15 amazing speakers that talked to the children on various topics, such as drones, autonomous cars, what makes success, the importance of failure, the learning pit, entrepreneurship, engineering and sustainability. For the first time, we invited parents to join their children during the morning of GrammarTalks. It was great to see so many parents there.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the children were split into different options. One group designed and created spaces, another worked with the Ministry of Awesome, while others experimented with coding. Two groups worked around the theme of wellbeing, one creating art work and the other content for a wellbeing school website.

The children were very engaged with the learning and thoroughly enjoyed the three days. We are already looking forward to DoubleTime in 2018 and we hope even more parents will be able to join us for the next one.