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Photo by Ms Libby Avery


Ms Libby Avery —

Birthdays and Graduations are a very exciting time for teachers and children at The Cathedral Grammar Pre-School. It is important for children to celebrate these special occasions with their peers and family, and to acknowledge and appreciate this day with them. We can probably all remember the excitement of a birthday cake, and waiting with anticipation to eat this tasty treat.

At the end of each term,  we hold a special graduation to celebrate the children leaving Pre-School to continue on their learning journey at Junior School. 

Pre-School graduation is a  very significant time in our children's lives.  To acknowledge this, the children get to wear the Maori Kākahu cloak.  This decorative cloak was made by the Pre-School children and their families a few years ago.  All children are encouraged to add something to the Kākahu as a lasting memory of their time at the Pre-School.  Wearing the cloak is a very significant part of the graduation celebration, and the children wear it with great pride and mana.

Celebrating birthdays and graduations with children can be beneficial in many ways, which are reflected in Te Whāriki.

  • Children’s wellbeing – Celebrating a child’s birthday and their graduation helps them to develop a sense of self-worth, recognising that they are important to others
  • Children’s sense of belonging – Sharing experiences from their own lives that are unique to them,  encourages children to see themselves as an important part of the group. They may also want to share food with their peers, a way to link their culture and/or their home life with their time at the centre
  • Children’s ability to contribute – Celebrations are a great way for children to interact as part of a group and to share something that is important to them. Through this they can continue to develop important social skills and awareness of others in the group.

Last week, Pre-School celebrated Miss Manson's and Mr Thelning's birthday in typical Pre-School style with wonderful cards, playdough cakes and decorated crowns.  

Next week we celebrate Nate and Jacks graduation to Junior School.  

Celebrations never end over here!