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Girls' School Green Team

Mrs Amanda Botting —

The girls have participated enthusiastically in their Wednesday sustainable living discussions. They have set several challenges for themselves over the past weeks.

A considerable effort has been put into recycling all our used paper with the addition of a large blue paper recycling bin in the front foyer. 

Another of our challenges has been to conserve more water when brushing our teeth. We were surprised to learn that by turning the tap off when brushing, we can save around 2.5 - 7.5 litres of water. 

Recently, we discussed the high cost of cheap fashion. That is, the poor working conditions, long hours, low wages and violations of labour rights commonly experienced by those who make our clothing. We considered whether we were prepared to pay more for clothing made ethically, and in countries with more robust labour laws? Do the leading brands provide transparency around how and where their clothing is made,  and are we prepared to ask them questions?

Our current study has been the effects of deforestation on our planet, including its significant role in global warming. Next term, and in collaboration with DOC and the Christchurch City Council, we are hoping to plant trees in and around Christchurch on our Girls' School Day out. 

Another exciting project we have planned is to make and sell beeswax food wrap to our fellow students. This is an eco- friendly alternative to plastic wrap and snack bags. 

Next term, we also have the exciting opportunity of sharing the work we have been doing in the Girls’ School with the Innovation and Sustainability Committee at the Christchurch City Council.