Co-curricular Notices

Ms Nicola Church —

High School Enrolment Update

Information and closing dates
It is that time of year when families are busy getting applications ready for high schools. We have been in contact with our local independent high schools to clarify what is required when applying for scholarships and/or enrolments. 

Please see below for the up-to-date information which apply for all children from all schools:

Rangi Ruru Girls' School:

  • No references are required for any application.

St Margaret’s College:

  • If a child is just enrolling, no references are required.
  • If a child to applying for a Performing Arts or Sports Scholarship, they suggest including a reference from a sports coach and/or a music teacher.
  • If a child is applying for an Academic or a Boarding Scholarship – no references are required.

St Andrew’s College:

  • No references are required for any application

Christ’s College:

  • No references are required
  • Please use the enrolment forms online.
  • Referees may be needed. If so, please contact the chosen referees to ask for their permission to be used. College may contact these people for a verbal reference.

Closing Dates:
Rangi Ruru Girls' School:  Scholarship application - Wednesday 16 May at 4.00pm.

St Margaret's College:  Scholarship application - Wednesday 16 May at 4.00pm.

St Andrew's College:  Scholarships and enrolments for Y9 - 21 May at 5.00pm

Christ's College:  Enrolments for Y9 - 25 May at 5.00pm and Scholarships - 4 May at 5.00pm

ICAS Competitions (Y4-8)

Enrolments for the 2018 ICAS Competitions are now open. If you would like your child/children to participate in the ICAS competitions in 2018, please click on the link below and complete the survey by Friday 9 March.

Please note we encourage our extension pupils to sit the Mathematics, Writing and English Competitions.