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ChristChurch Cathedral Choir 2018 Tour Fundraising Event
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General Notices


ChristChurch Cathedral Choir Fundraising Event:
Do not forget the Garage and Car Boot Market Day Sale coming up on Saturday 3 March. See flyer attached for further details.

Secondary School Enrolments, Scholarships & References for Y8s
The city’s secondary schools are now posting on their websites their enrolment and scholarship details for 2018.

Please be aware that most schools have deadlines – some as early at May and they observe these strictly, regarding punctuality as an indication of a family’s commitment to their school. Late enrolments are seldom accepted other than in exceptional circumstances.

If you have any questions about your child’s options for secondary school, please speak to their home room teacher in the first instance.

References: Children entering for scholarships usually require references, and some schools require these for general enrolment, too. While the principal and teachers are happy to provide these, they do require plenty of warning ahead of any deadlines as these take significant time if they are to be written well. Also, please note that staff should be asked in person, not by email. Apart from this being a matter of courtesy, staff will wish to discuss the elements required for a child’s reference to they can best meet the enrolment or scholarship outlines.

Y8 Boys’ Visit to Christ’s College, Week V
Christ's College has invited our Y8 boys to visit on Tuesday 27 February. This visit will include a tour of the campus given by College pupils and time spent sitting in on lessons. All boys are welcome to attend, regardless of their secondary school intentions.. However, if you prefer that your son does not attend, please advise your child's class teacher by email before Friday.

St Andrew’s College has offered a similar visit for Y8 boys and girls in Week X. This visit is similarly optional and numbers will be sorted closer to the date.

Christ's College Community Visits & Open Day
Community Visits:
Our Community Visits are for our entire community including current and prospective families. In Christchurch we are hosting two events - Sumner and Kennedy's Bush and various locations in the regional markets. It is a very relaxed event where families can meet Garth Wynne our Executive Principal and other staff from College. The below link has all the information for registering.


Open Day - Tuesday 20 March, 1.00pm to 5.00pm:
Step through our gates and get a feel for what College is really like. Immerse yourself in a place designed to help boys explore, discover, adventure and learn.

Register today https://christscollege.com/forms/open-day/