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General Notices


Deamer Academic  (Internal) Scholarship
Students in Y6&7 are invited to compete for a Deamer Academic Scholarship for the following academic year. Students already receiving tuition fee discounts are eligible to receive a Deamer Academic (Internal) Scholarship, but may not receive more than one tuition fee discount at any one time.

Courtney Allpress Music (Internal) Scholarship
Expressions of interest are invited for the Courtney Allpress Music (Internal) Scholarship. This music scholarship, with a duration of no longer than two years, may be awarded to one or more students at Y7&8 level. In exceptional cases, a three-year duration for a Y6 student may be considered.

You will find further information about scholarships on the Website.

If you would like your child to sit for either scholarship please email hassist@cathedralgrammar.school.nz

Year 8 Absences for External Exams
This week sees the beginning of the scholarship and audition season for secondary schools. We ask parents of Y8 pupils involved in external exams to be aware of the following:

  • If your child leaves school during the day, please sign them out at the school office and back in again if they are returning.
  • If your child is absent (at another school) at the start of the day, please contact their class teacher to report this absence as per the normal absence process (if you have not already advised them). Sign your child in to the office upon return, if returning.
  • If your child is going to be absent for an exam or audition during Week V – Grammar’s own assessment week – please advise your child’s class teacher so that all staff can be made aware of any clashes with school exams.

School Closed on Queen’s Birthday Monday
Please note that the school is closed for the public holiday on Monday 4 June.

Return of Unwanted Entertainment Books by Friday, please. 
Last week, you should have received at home a copy of the Entertainment Book for your family to have a look at. If not, please check the bottom of your oldest child’s bag or speak to their class teacher.

If you wish to purchase the book, please follow the instructions on the letter enclosed. If you do not wish to keep the book, please place it back in the envelope and return it to the office by Friday (25 May).

Thank you for your support if you have already returned or purchased a copy of the Entertainment Book or the digital version.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Tania Robinson in the office: accounts@cathedralgrammar.school.nz

Student Access to Buildings Prior to School
Students may not have unsupervised access to any school building prior to school hours. Primarily this is a health and safety consideration, although there are also associated security issues.

Should you wish to leave your child/children at school prior to 8.00am, please ensure that they are supervised with an adult who can remain with them until a staff member arrives.

Container for Storage
The school will shortly have a 20 ft container available until the end of the year.  Should you wish to borrow this container, please contact the Bursar.

Second-Hand Uniform
The Uniform Shop is no longer accepting any second-hand uniform items until further notice.