The Annual Christchurch Schools' Music Festival

Mrs Sarah Lowe —

From the 24th - 26th October, we had a number of students participating in the Christchurch Schools' Music Festival.

This year the theme was 'Fun and Games' and it is clear the students loved their experience. 

Sophie Dark said " I loved being in the Junior Choir. It was great to be surrounded by other people who were passionate about singing" and Cameron Smillie said " At my first rehearsal, I found out I was playing the timpani. I was petrified as I hadn't played them before so three lessons later, I was playing them in front of hundreds and people. This was a massive challenge and now I can say I can play them and will look forward playing them again. I also made some friends which I will meet again. I can't wait to audition for next year and hope that I get in again". 

Congratulations to Jasmine Hooker, Mariella Wallace, Cameron Smillie, Andrew Welsh, Jessica Erasmus and Sophie Dark for their contributions to the Orchestra, Concert Band and Junior Choir.

Being chosen to be a special member of the Choir, Orchestra or Concert Band is an honour. It is a good indicator that these children represent the highest level of musicians for their age group, in Christchurch. With rehearsals taking place over the holiday period, it shows commitment and dedication to participate. What an amazing experience!

Having had such wonderful feedback from our parent community about the 2018 Music Festival, we will look to grow our numbers and involvement for the 2019 festival. How exciting too, that it will return to the newly constructed Christchurch Town Hall in 2019!

Well done students - you have brought joy to many people through your music making.

Mrs Lowe