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Girls' & Boys' Prep School

Simon Lean-Massey —

Singing, Skiing, Sports, and Science

Operetta success! What a great show the boys and girls put on last week. He tino pai to all involved.

After such a busy time, it was great to see families still having the energy to come together again at the Cathedral on Sunday. 

Ka pai ki Molly, George, Luke, and Tor who placed second in the Teams Mixed at Porters in the last week of August - great result! Kia ora also to Luke's matua, Mark, who stayed on to support despite injuring himself earlier on in the day.

Tino pai ki Connon and Hansen for taking out the house hockey last Friday. It's football this week - a chance for other houses to grab some house points back.

On a science note, whakamahi to the Year 7 and 8 students who exhibited at the Canterbury-Westland Science Fair over the weekend. Whakamahi nui ki  Tor, Natalya, and Finn for winning prizes - great recognition of your hard work. Tor undertook a study of the different plants that flourished at various altitudes on the mountains around his Castle Hill home. Natalya designed a working prototype of a portable electric blanket for wrapping up cold sports supporters' kidneys. Finn designed a waste reducing solution for cleaning up our sports grounds, obviating the need for all the tape that goes around footy boots. It was great to see that all three chose projects that relate to their real world experiences.

In chemistry, the Year 7s and 8s have been recreating some of the experiments that early chemists conducted when discovering gasses such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. Most of these involve looking at how gasses can be produced by combining elements and compounds, and how they combust or affect combustion. You can see some of our explosive work below. 

Whakamahi also to 7B for organising the remote control car session on the last Thursday of August - ka pai ki a au!