Reviewing our Music Processes

Mrs Sarah Lowe —

As part of our ongoing review process, the Music Department has been working on developing procedures for extra curricular music groups, beginning with the Junior School.

Currently we offer itinerant lessons and an auditioned Chapel Choir.

From Term II, we have decided to change our choir structure. We understand the need for all children to feel success in singing and we want all children to feel valued for their passion.

The Junior School Choir

We are excited to announce that all Y1-3 pupils will take part in the Junior School Choir from Term II. Children will practise for a half-hour session per week and will perform two songs a week at Junior School Assembly. This will be led with the structure of a choir performance. We already do a lot of school singing, but this will formalize the process of what we offer and allow all children to feel success in singing through ‘choir’.

Pupils in this choir will have the choice to perform in public performances as well. If they are keen and willing, they will perform to the Prep School and in a number of public venues throughout the year.

Pupils will be awarded a ‘Junior Choir’ badge for their service.

Chapel choir will remain an auditioned choir, which is capped at 30 members. This choir’s purpose is to sing for the Glory of God - in Cathedral and church services as needed throughout the year. The members for 2018 will remain as those who have been successfully auditioned this term.

For clarification, in 2019 there will be one audition held in the first two weeks of Term I. Children will be prepared with a song to sing by Mrs Dark and will sing it to both Mrs Lowe and Mrs Dark. This process should not be stressful for the child - it will feel like a normal musical experience within the school.

Pupils will be awarded a ‘Chapel Choir’ badge for their service.

TrebleMakers Junior Choir

We are investigating the option of hiring Voices Co. to come in and work with Junior School pupils who are super keen to develop their choir skills through pop music. This will be an all-comers club with a fee attached to it, such as the one we run in prep school.

Itinerant Music

Pupils will remain able to learn up to two instruments (or one instrument and Speech and Drama) and will be collected and dropped off from their lessons. Full details of lessons available are written in the online request form, which also includes the contract.

Our music department is committed to maintaining its high standard of music making. We respect the tradition and the history that helps make our music at CGS so special. We also value the place that modern music has in our world and see it as an excellent route to guiding and developing musical awareness/talent. We respect the need for all children to feel success in music, and for their passion to be fostered and developed. 

If you have any questions about the above, please do feel free to email me directly

Mrs Sarah Lowe
Director of Music